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Creating the Luxury Kitchen of your Dreams

How many people dream about that coveted 12-burner that their neighbor is firing up to cook that soufflé? Or that marble waterfall that your friend insists is the piece-de-resistance of her kitchen? Well, wait no more. It is...

A Telecommuter’s Dream: A Professional Home Office

You’ve already made it this far in your career: you can skip traffic, formal attire, and early-mornings in general – you work at home! Whether you are a career veteran with an established role, or a newly inspired...

9 Great Kitchen Styles – Which One’s for You?

Style is easier to recognize with eyes than with words: You know it when you see it, and the photo that inspires you most can often surprise you. Think you know your kitchen style? Check out these styles and let us know which one ...

Shaker Cabinets and Other Kitchen Elements That Sell Homes

From 2014 to 2016, statistics from millions of for-sale listings indicate that homes with certain features sold quickly and for the most money – sometimes up to 15 percent more than the expected selling value and over two...

Wood Psychology in Architecture

Neuroscientists have found that distinctive processes occur in our brains—consciously and subconsciously, cognitively and physiologically—from the moment we step into a space. These processes affect our emotions, our health,...

What’s Your Interior [Kitchen] Design Style?

If you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel or installing a new kitchen, and having a budget is not even a remote concern, you’ll definitely want to check the wide range of options available for luxury kitchens. Galley...

10 Luxury Details for Your Kitchen Cabinets and Island

1. Crown Molding. Few things leave designer impressions like the presence of crown molding. It can bridge the gap between your wall cabinets and the ceiling, allowing for a seamless transition. In traditional kitchens, it can...

A Budget Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel or pondering new kitchen design ideas, then you’re likely preparing yourself for the cost. Even a minor kitchen renovation can average around $18,000. However, there are a few ways to ...

Essential Elements of a Luxury Kitchen

When aiming for a luxury kitchen, every detail counts. We know you’re short on time, so we’ve done the research and all you have to do is choose the style which best represents you. (more…)

Kitchen Mistakes to AVOID

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. No matter how comfortable you make the rest of the house, guests and family routinely head to the kitchen. Kids will be often found doing homework on the breakfast bar or...

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