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Mixing Metals in Your Kitchen Design and Proper Lighting


Despite all the kitchen trends advising you to not mix and match metals in your kitchen, we’re here to tell you that a combination of metals and finishes can create an effortlessly sophisticated kitchen aesthetic.

Mixed metals is an excellent way of blending “old world” architecture with a contemporary style. For example, if your kitchen is in an older building, where “pre-war” architecture predominates, you will want to mix and match metals and finishes so that you respect the older architecture, while simultaneously introducing more contemporary pieces to create a complementary look.

There are many ways to create this effect; seamlessly mixing metals to introduce contrast with texture and color is a great way to start. For instance, don’t use two metals with the same finished together; rather, combine a metal with a polished finish with another in a satin or antique finish for a more contemporary look. An antique satin brass could look incredible in contrast to polished nickel silver hardware.

Remember: the selections you make is all about the look that you are trying to achieve. Do you want a soft finish in the kitchen? Mixing metals can accomplish that without making the design feel too loud. Pot racks can make a bold design statement and work well to bring the overall space together.

Another example could be making bold statements; like having a pot rack include both polished nickel and brass.

Good Lighting Brings Out the Metals

Proper lighting in a kitchen is essential not only for kitchen functionality but to showcase the design elements of your kitchen. Great mood lighting can be achieved by having an incredible statement light fixture. While the light fixture might be an investment piece, it can do wonders for your design aesthetic. In addition to a showpiece lighting, you will need task lighting to avoid pockets of shadow and darkness in your most important prep areas. Task lighting needs to be carefully planned – it can be costly to change, and they are essential to the functionality of your kitchen.

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Posted: February 7, 2017

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