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10 Luxury Elements to Add to Your Kitchen

Custom kitchen cabinets are the height of good taste, which is why most people that can afford them choose to get them. Whether it’s luxurious crown moldings or intelligent storage solutions, custom design is all about the details.


    1. Crown molding. Few things leave designer fingerprints like crown molding does. It can bridge the gap between your wall cabinets and the ceiling, allowing for a beautiful transition. In traditional kitchens, it can cap off the design with one final touch of detail.

    3. Matching ends. Instead of a flush skin, go with matching panels for your cabinet ends. Like decorative legs, they have a furniture-style look. This type of detail especially thrives in traditional or Mediterranean spaces. A matching end comes integrated into the cabinet or as a separate piece. You can install your own; just make sure there’s enough room first. Some panels are up to ¾ inch thick, depending on the manufacturer.

    5. Decorative Legs. Whatever design aesthetic you prefer; table legs are always eye-catching. Place them at the ends of your island or work them into your cabinet layout for a true furniture feel. Legs tend to be a good addition for traditional and rustic designs. Simple, straightforward legs work best with contemporary and modern designs.

    7. A splash of color. Neutrals remain the go-to hues to use for kitchen cabinets, so adding a splash of color is a great way to spice things up in your kitchen. Color will also bring out your neutrals for added effect.

    9. Glass door fronts. Provide the ‘peek-a-boo’ effect in your kitchen by creating a glimpse of fine dishware and beautiful décor. This type of display can make your kitchen design open and inviting, which lets you and your guests feel at home.

    11. Corbels. Ornate, oversized and even plain corbels add traditional elegance to an island and kitchen cabinets. Bring a sense of refinement to your kitchen with corbels.

    13. Mixed door styles. If you’re stuck between two cabinet door styles, try using both. Complementary styles can strengthen your kitchen’s overall look, while opposites can produce an attractive transitional design.

    15. Beadboard. Bring out the countryside in your kitchen with beadboard. Beadboard adds a design element while maintaining the simplicity of your kitchen. Use it as a finishing touch and enjoy!

    17. Storage spaces. Custom designed storage cabinets can fit your kitchen perfectly and maximize space. A wine rack drawer is one way to give your cabinets a designer touch (and store your wine collection). Other creative options are spice rack drawers, peg pullouts for utensils, and tray dividers for baking sheets.

    19. Wainscoat panels. Not to be confused with matching ends, wainscoat panels adorn the backs of cabinets. They can dress up the back side of your island and make it look like a custom furniture piece.



Posted: February 27, 2017

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