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Shaker Cabinets and Other Kitchen Elements That Sell Homes

From 2014 to 2016, statistics from millions of for-sale listings indicate that homes with certain features sold quickly and for the most money – sometimes up to 15 percent more than the expected selling value and over two...

How to Choose the Right Crown Molding for a Room

Crown molding is a type of architectural millwork that can work in any size room. It draws the eye upward, creates a sense of length in even the smallest spaces, and unifies a room’s space. It is also an easy way to add...

Architectural Millwork: From Design to Finish

The architectural elements of home interiors consist of baseboards, wainscoting, chair rail, door and window casing and crown molding. These influences trace back to antiquity; being popular finishes in the Greco-Roman era, to...

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