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What’s Your Interior [Kitchen] Design Style?

If you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel or installing a new kitchen, and having a budget is not even a remote concern, you’ll definitely want to check the wide range of options available for luxury kitchens.

Galley kitchens are fairly straightforward affairs featuring a narrow passage between two walls. One wall generally features cooking components and storage, the other generally features cleaning components and more storage.

After galley kitchens comes L-shaped kitchens offering a slightly more high-end option, with an angled cooking and cleaning area, more room for storage, and a better opportunity to feature a kitchen island.

Finally, U-shaped kitchens are probably best suited for a luxury kitchen design – they feature three walls ready for cooking, storage or cleaning features, and they’re often large enough to accommodate a considerable center island for food preparation and extra storage.

In terms of appliances, accessories and cooking and cleaning implements, the sky is the limit in many luxury kitchens. Double-door refrigerators, double and triple sinks, ranges with row upon row of burners and fast-cooking, high-tech ovens are all common features.

Here are a few of the most common luxury design themes:

Check out some of the most enduring interior design styles:


With an emphasis on clean lines and stark contrasts, modern design is a meeting of form with function. Design elements look clean, minimal, and sophisticated.

modern kitchen - dng millwork and cabinetry - miami florida


Nostalgic hues of neutral colors combined with functional utility for family gatherings make this a classic choice when choosing an interior design aesthetic.

traditional kitchen - breakfast bar - dng millwork and cabnintry - miami florida


Rustic farmhouse dining tables and the smell of fresh baked cookies fill a country house. Look for bold primary colors offset with lighter cream hues and natural finishes to make your weekend getaway come alive at home.
country kitchen cabinets - custom kitchen cabinets - dng millwork - miami florida


Whether you dream of a summer on Cape Cod or drinking in a tropical sunset, the coastal design has got you covered with wicker chairs and plenty of light. Rustic wood paneling and casual free form make this a breezy choice.

coastal style - dng millwork - miami florida

Arts and Crafts

Rich patterns and well-crafted woodwork adorn the interior of an Arts and Crafts house. Artisanal furniture with robust colors make this a welcomed abode.
detailed display cabinet - custom millwork - dng millwork and cabinetry - miami florida


From the sun-drenched Isle of Capri to the Lavender fields of Provence, Mediterranean style evokes a warm and inviting presence. Rich colors contrast with materials such as copper, wood, and stone.
mediterranean style bathroom - custom bathroom cabinets - dng millwork and cabinetry - miami florida

With all the choices out there, it can be hard just knowing where to start. When beginning project, be sure to talk with an experienced designer that can help match your style with your home and your lifestyle.

Posted: May 16, 2016

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