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Shaker Cabinets and Other Kitchen Elements That Sell Homes

From 2014 to 2016, statistics from millions of for-sale listings indicate that homes with certain features sold quickly and for the most money – sometimes up to 15 percent more than the expected selling value and over two months faster.

What are these features you ask? Some of them include heated floors, subway tiles, frameless showers, and quartz countertops.

What Do Buyers Look for in a Kitchen?


Having a well-designed kitchen greatly increases the value of any property, making it a great place to start investing your money.

Typically, the qualities that homebuyers look for in a kitchen include quality of cabinetry, symmetry of kitchen components, color, and layout.

Quality cabinetry includes sophisticated woodwork with high quality hinges, and customized hardware.

Go with what’s trending

If you’re unsure of how to design your kitchen to encompass the aforementioned qualities, a simple piece of advice is to use kitchen design elements that are trending. Of course, trends fluctuate with time, but some design elements are always hot.

“Shaker-style cabinetry”

Shaker style cabinets are highly sought after by people looking to purchase a new home. Shaker cabinetry is simultaneously modern and traditional, so they are a huge draw for homebuyers.

Drawer Customization

Customized drawers have made a huge comeback. Drawers that incorporate useful features like holders for garbage bins, racks for canned goods, inserts for dishes/silverware/cutlery, and spacious concaves for pots and pans are attractive because they help maintain a clutter-free kitchen.


Many popular styles of today include added finishes to furniture and architecture, and kitchens are no exceptions. Extras such as corbels and arched openings transform unadorned cabinets into something magical. These accoutrements can add a certain je nais se quois to a kitchen.

Colorful accents

For cabinet interiors that are glass-front or incredibly simplistic, add some bright bold wallpaper to give it some extra pop. For smaller kitchens, bold colors are great for an ‘high-impact’ experience.

Surprise Features

Some features will leave a lasting impression on a potential homebuyer, especially if they are out-of-the-ordinary or surprising. If a homebuyer looks at a kitchen and discovers element such as a pullout tray, bread box, or slide-out compartments to store tins and cookie sheets, they will be more impressed than just discovering a more predictable amenity, such as a revolving spice rack.


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