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A Telecommuter’s Dream: A Professional Home Office


You’ve already made it this far in your career: you can skip traffic, formal attire, and early-mornings in general – you work at home! Whether you are a career veteran with an established role, or a newly inspired entrepreneur getting ready to get to work, having a fully supplied home office is the way to go.

A Home Office Gives You Space to Create

One of the most important aspects of a workspace is having sufficient space to work in. If your office frequents guests, then you’ll need space for meetings and impromptu gatherings.

Our custom-designed home offices can bring the ultimate in form and function to your office. Separate desks and detached tables are one great way to do this. By spacing out work areas and letting people sit with their backs to one another, you don’t feel cramped or like someone is constantly looking over your shoulder.

Ample Storage

Despite living in the internet era, there is still a lot of paper in our lives. If you work at home (and if you’re starting a business), then get ready for mountains of legal paperwork to establish your fledgling enterprise.

To get the ball rolling, you’ll need a filing system that can handle hard copies of things like payroll, health insurance, interview notes, and registration papers, keeping everything organized.

Here are a few important components of an organized office:

  • Adjustable shelving units. Your needs can care enormously, especially if your startup has a physical component and you need to store equipment. Having shelves that you can adjust depending on the requirements of any given day helps you avoid cluttering up areas that are meant for work.
  • Wire storage. Chances are, you’re probably going to have more actual equipment than you expect. It is important that your office has plenty of open-back cabinets, wire chaseways, and ability to design around your preferred aesthetic.
  • Safe enclosure. You probably have proprietary information – keep it safe!
  • Roll-out trays for equipment. You’re probably going to have more actual equipment than you expect. Our roll-out trays are designed to hold items like shredders, scanners, and printers. They are rolled back in when not in use, so that they do not take up extra floor space.

Your Home, Your Office

The most important aspect is that you feel comfortable. Let us at DnG Cabinetry and Millwork build you your dream office with custom cabinets and millwork. Connect  us today to learn more about how our unique, customer-focused and technology-aided system can make that vision come to life.

Posted: October 18, 2016

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