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Choosing the Right Wood for Your Architectural Millwork Project

How to Choose the Right Woods for a Project - Including Grade, Hardness and Cost Architectural millwork is the general name for all of the wood elements that can be seen once a building is constructed.  This includes...

Architectural Millwork for 2016 and Beyond!

Let's focus on the ceiling.  Architectural features can play up a room's height or keep the interest at eye level, depending on the feel you are going for. Along with paint color and window treatments, moldings represent the...

Modern CNC Milling Meets Traditional Hand Carving

Traditionally, the first piece of molding or woodwork is created by a master carpenter, then replicated by his apprentices. Even with a high level of skill, replicated three-dimensional contours is challenging, and often requires ...

Molding Types that Raise the Bar for Your Kitchen Cabinetry

Moldings instantly provide a touch of class, especially in a kitchen. With the multitude of different configurations and designs available, crown molding, edge molding and more can help personalize your next kitchen project:...

Importance of Custom Millwork in a Healthcare Environment.

Functional healthcare design is important in high-traffic environments such as a nurse’s station, where different levels and types of work are being performed. Nurses’ stations are complex in form and use, needing to...

Architectural Millwork: From Design to Finish

The architectural elements of home interiors consist of baseboards, wainscoting, chair rail, door and window casing and crown molding. These influences trace back to antiquity; being popular finishes in the Greco-Roman era, to...

Making a Grand Entrance

"Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas" Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, the Roman architect, engineer and author stated that a structure should exhibit those three qualities, solidity, utility, and beauty respectively. Nothing conveys the...

ABC’s of Architectural Millwork

Remember the game telephone? Someone thinks of a sentence, then whispers it to the next person, who whispers it to the next. The design process also passes through several stages, only in this game the players are the client, the ...

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