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Adding comfort to your kitchen

With open-plan living putting the spotlight on kitchens like never before, it pays to make your culinary quarters both easy to use and a comfortable place in which to spend time Quiet, easy-glide drawers. Drawers tend to be more user-friendly than cabinets, requiring less bending and reaching. This is especially true if they have soft-close slides that take jarring sounds out of the equation. Further decreasing static noise is possible by softening the acoustics with rugs, curtains and other soft furnishings in the space that adjoins the kitchen. Body-friendly island seating. Perching on a wooden stool can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly, especially for adults....
Posted: July 7, 2016

How to Bring More Joy to Your Kitchen

Do you want a more feel-good vibe for your kitchen? Maybe too many high-tech materials create an austere vibe. Perhaps the color palette lacks warmth and hospitality. Here are a few ways you can bring serenity, enjoyment and even a bit of humor into your kitchen. 1. Include natural finishes and textures for emotional warmth. Sleek finished are alluring because they’re easy to clean. But too much metal and high sheen can be overpowering, and can make your kitchen feel unwelcoming, harsh and cold. Kitchens with rustic inspirations are back in style. This includes the use of natural wood textures, and concrete.  focus on your kitchen cabinets and countertops to include these trendy...
Posted: June 27, 2016

Why Choose Custom Cabinets and Millwork?

From kitchens and bathrooms to dens and offices, the right cabinetry and millwork can provide beautiful focal points for just about any room.  Cabinets and other built-in storage are essentially permanent furniture, so it’s important that they reflect the homeowners’ style and be built to withstand decades of wear and tear.   Essentially, custom cabinets and millwork give homeowners endless possibilities.  Custom cabinetry gives designers and homeowners complete control over the finished product – from the quality and source of the raw materials to the style and finishes.  These options are not dictated by the manufacturer, which will strictly limit the available cabinet ...
Posted: June 20, 2016

Luxury Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the ‘heart of the home’. Designing a space where friends and family can gather and reconnect is one of the most important aspects when designing or renovating your home. Current trends in kitchen design focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere while utilizing quality materials, custom woodworking, and the latest in technology. Modern kitchen design has shifted away from functional design to inclusive design: people want places where their families can relax and hang out. So, one of the most important decisions when designing your kitchen is to decide the color scheme. This will help you choose the best designs and materials to compliment your color palette....

Wood Psychology in Architecture

Neuroscientists have found that distinctive processes occur in our brains—consciously and subconsciously, cognitively and physiologically—from the moment we step into a space. These processes affect our emotions, our health, and even the development of memory. Natural wood tones are become increasingly effective in office environments. According to Dr. Marjut Wallenius of the University of Tampere, Finland, the use of wood in service centers for the elderly and in hospital construction promotes health and well-being in the mind and body. (more…)
Posted: June 7, 2016

How Much Room Do You Need for a Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands are much-sought-after feature – those seeking kitchen renovations often cite them as a “must-have” feature of their new kitchen. A well-planned island layout can allow a smooth workflow and provide a comfortable space for preparing and cooking food. Islands also frequently provide space for dining, working and storage. A poorly-planned layout can be frustrating, however. This is particularly true if there is insufficient space for an island to begin with. If you’re considering a kitchen island, follow these tips to help you decide whether you have enough space to make an island work for you. And if you don’t, discover what else you can try. Every Kitchen is...

What’s Your Interior [Kitchen] Design Style?

If you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel or installing a new kitchen, and having a budget is not even a remote concern, you’ll definitely want to check the wide range of options available for luxury kitchens. Galley kitchens are fairly straightforward affairs featuring a narrow passage between two walls. One wall generally features cooking components and storage, the other generally features cleaning components and more storage. After galley kitchens comes L-shaped kitchens offering a slightly more high-end option, with an angled cooking and cleaning area, more room for storage, and a better opportunity to feature a kitchen island. Finally, U-shaped kitchens are probably best...
Posted: May 16, 2016

Pros and cons of two popular kitchen layouts

If you’re remodeling your kitchen or designing a new one, your first decision is the choose a layout. Do you want an open kitchen or do you need a closed design? (more…)
Posted: May 4, 2016

The Return of Wood Minimalism

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, 67% of kitchen cabinets installed in America were white-painted. The ubiquity of these cabinets are due to their ability to appear clean and reflect light. “White cabinets are brighter and more cheerful – coveted attributes in cities such as New York, where kitchen often face courtyards and lack natural light,” said Manhattan-based designer Elissa Cullman, whose clients favor the look. The signature white cabinet door also has a huge selection of pre-finished designs, giving budget-conscious shoppers a greater choice. The other trend making waves in the custom millwork and design industry is streamlined wood cabinetry....
Posted: April 25, 2016

Smart Closet Design

Today, closets are more than just storage space. In fact, closets were listed as the second most desired feature in a dream home in a national study by Roper Research – second only to a state-of-the-art kitchen. People are using walking closet space as a personal boutique, incorporating organization and display options that would not have been considered 20 years ago. Closet design is all about functionality. A larger closet is not necessarily better than a properly organized one. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, the average American spends 140 hours per year looking for lost objects. Before we get started on design, you should take a hard look at the...
Posted: April 20, 2016

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