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How Much Room Do You Need for a Kitchen Island?

Kitchen islands are much-sought-after feature – those seeking kitchen renovations often cite them as a “must-have” feature of their new kitchen. A well-planned island layout can allow a smooth workflow and provide a comfortable space for preparing and cooking food. Islands also frequently provide space for dining, working and storage.

A poorly-planned layout can be frustrating, however. This is particularly true if there is insufficient space for an island to begin with. If you’re considering a kitchen island, follow these tips to help you decide whether you have enough space to make an island work for you. And if you don’t, discover what else you can try.

Every Kitchen is Different

When it comes to kitchen islands, don’t assume that every kitchen island is equal. Space does matter, and if you construct one that is too big.

When it comes to kitchen islands, don’t assume that one size fits all. There are many possibilities for making an island work, even where space is limited, and most kitchen companies offer options with a reduced depth, a customized height or extra-large cabinets tailored to suit a specific design and the space it is intended for.

Determine your clearance zone

First off, you need to determine the size of the room.

In a rectangular room that’s 16.5 ft (5 meters) wide and 19.75 feet (6 meters) long, the main run of cabinets would be positioned along one of the walls. The depth of the cabinets from the back wall to the front of the cabinets will measure about 25 inches (650 millimeters). Within the design, you should leave a gap between the countertop edge on the back run of cabinets and island’s countertop edge. This space between the two working areas forms part of the island’s clearance zone, which is the space surrounding the island. The ideal distance for the clearance zone is about 3 feet (1 meter). This is best for enabling free and sage movement around this island and throughout the kitchen.

Have someone else do it for you

If all those measurements made you dizzy, no need to fear. There is another way to make sure you get the perfect fit (without that headache). DnG Millwork specialized in high-end custom cabinetry for the discerning buyer. We can customize cabinets in nearly any design style or wood type. Here’s a few of our most popular designs:

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