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Architectural Millwork: From Design to Finish

The architectural elements of home interiors consist of baseboards, wainscoting, chair rail, door and window casing and crown molding. These influences trace back to antiquity; being popular finishes in the Greco-Roman era, to more contemporary Victorian architecture. Design Greco-Roman design is defined by attention to the size and scale of elements and how they relate to each other. These construction methods and esthetics predominate today's interior design and finish.   Classic and Colonial Revival design inspiration is traced to an “American-born” architectural style. Colonial Revival style houses were derived from Anglo east coast colonial precedents,...

Making a Grand Entrance

"Firmitas, Utilitas, Venustas" Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, the Roman architect, engineer and author stated that a structure should exhibit those three qualities, solidity, utility, and beauty respectively. Nothing conveys the significance of your home quite like a custom-made door. Custom designed doors act as an anchor, articulating your vision for the world to see. Whether your door needs to withstand hurricane-force winds or is within the interior of your home, custom doors can give more dimensions to a home than we tend to think. (more…)
Posted: March 20, 2015

Custom Millwork for Visual Merchandising

The appearance and layout of your store can be just as, if not more, important that the products you sell. From telling your brand’s story and creating immersive experiences, every aspect of the décor, layout and organization contributes to the customer experience. This can make the difference between drawing in multiple purchases and someone wandering out empty handed. (more…)
Posted: March 6, 2015

ABC’s of Architectural Millwork

Remember the game telephone? Someone thinks of a sentence, then whispers it to the next person, who whispers it to the next. The design process also passes through several stages, only in this game the players are the client, the designer and the carpenter, and if you are not careful, your vision can end up as discombobulated as that message you tried to pass in the game. (more…)
Posted: February 10, 2015

A Look at Key West Gingerbread

What do the houses in Key West have in common? The answer is - nothing! Key West is a cornucopia of uniqueness. One of the most distinctive characteristics of the Key West house is their gingerbread designs. This is the wooden millwork encircling the wide porches of the house. Residents often chose the pattern for the gingerbread to reflect their occupation. Christopher Cox states in A Key West Companion, "It was an unwritten rule that each Key West family had its own gingerbread design, selected either by fancy or to suggest the nature of the family business and it was not to be copied. One discovers in the gingerbread around the island designs such as sailing ships, anchors, pies, and, ...
Posted: December 12, 2014

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