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Using Marble in the Kitchen

The “granite versus marble” dilemma is as old as kitchen renovation itself. Granite is considered more practical over the “delicate” marble. Granite has a speckled coloring that can be a turn off to some buyers, the exception to this rule are black varieties of granite, particularly Black Absolute and Black Zimbabwe. However, when black marble is not desired, buyers will agonize over the choice between granite and marble for weeks.

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Facts About Marble

Marble doesn’t stain – it etches.

Even after impregnating your marble with a sealant after installation, it is important to be on the lookout for certain acidic compounds that can stain your marble. Although a sealant protects from most stains, it does not guarantee protection from all of them. For instance – if you leave your red wine spill on the counter all night, there is a chance you might have a stain. Marble is composed mainly of Calcium Carbonate, a compound that is highly sensitive to acidic substances. Foods such as vinegar, tomato sauce, or orange juice can easily etch your marble if left to sit for a while.

Marble, with all its headaches, is a choice.

Although you can take preventative measures, it can be reasonable to assume that eventually your marble will get several etches. Though this may bother you at first, once more etches start to accumulate, you will get used to them. After a while, etches will give your marble a sense of ‘character’. You can periodically re-hone your marble to remove etches if they start to annoy you, but remember, deciding on marble comes with a territory, so don’t be too surprised.

Marble look-alikes DO exist.

There are quite a few varieties of granite that do not look like granite, and a few that look just like marble. For example, Verde Laguna is a variety of granite that has a rich blue-green swirl which looks gorgeous when paired and contrasted with a Calacatta Gold Marble. Other options include pairing your marble with granite. With granite being more stain, and use-resistant, choosing a showpiece cut of marble will allow you to enjoy having marble in the kitchen without worrying as much for its upkeep and care.

Marble is timeless

Marble exudes luxury and exclusivity for the owner looking for something special in their kitchen. Granite, with its recent mass-market application, is a bit too common for the luxury market. Whereas marble will never be a passing trend.

Posted: March 21, 2016

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