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Architectural Millwork for 2016 and Beyond!

Let’s focus on the ceiling. 

Architectural features can play up a room’s height or keep the interest at eye level, depending on the feel you are going for. Along with paint color and window treatments, moldings represent the simplest way to add style and definition to a room.

Crown Molding

Crown moldings are one of the architectural features that can really add value to your home. They define a room, and can add visual panache, making a home feel more upscale. If they are done well, crown moldings can give the effect of a solidly built and designed home.

When you are considering crown moldings, the first element is determining the scale of the room. For traditional design, moldings can be very ornate and can decorate high ceilings and provide detail around fireplaces and baseboards.

If you enjoy complicated molding designs, then consider using simple furnishings with clean lines and few patterns. This highlights the design while still creating a relaxing atmosphere.

Do you have to use the same molding throughout your home?

No. If your home has uniform ceilings throughout, then using the same molding can create a nice flow. However, if the rooms in your home change dramatically in dimension, make sure to vary the size of the moldings to be in proportion with the scale of the rooms.

Does the crown molding have to match the baseboards?

No, but it is important that they have similar visual representation. It looks strange to have a dramatic crown molding paired with a tiny baseboard. If you are going to add to your crown molding, you’ll have to add some dimension to your baseboards, as to not throw off the visual aesthetic.

Medallions and Rosettes

Ceiling medallions are decorated with relief work, and this can range from simple molding rings to elaborate leaf, filigree, and geometric designs. Like any detail, medallions and rosettes are all about proportion. From the height of the ceiling to the size of the light fixture it may be highlighting, there are many factors to take into account when designing.

Coffered Ceilings

Nothing makes your ceiling stand out like having a series of sunken panels arranged in a pattern. Coffered ceilings can be arranged in numerous ways, such as: a square, rectangle, or octagon. They create rich detail and add an element of old world charm to any home.

Paneled Ceilings

Typically a cottage look, a paneled ceiling typically runs in long planks or panels with parallel grooves that mimic planks (bead board is a popular example). Running the planks down the length of a room can make a room appear longer than it is because it draws the eye down the length.

For more ideas on how architectural millwork can improve the look of your space, from ceiling to floor, talk with one of our designers today.



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