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Avoiding Trends in Luxury Kitchen Design

It seems to be always in fashion to constantly join the bandwagon of another renovation trend. But there should be more caution when you could run the risk of “time-stamping” your kitchen.

For example, take the famous designer Clive Christian – his kitchens regularly retail for over $100,000. Although the current trend for all-white kitchens is making a splash all over the country, Clive Christian still designs for ultra-luxury, knowing that the timelessness of his designs will stand out in the long-haul.

Your kitchen will likely be the single biggest expenditure of your home and you should not need to overhaul it every ten years or you have simply done something wrong. Although the internet is full of advice on how to replicate the latest trend, sometimes, the best way is to avoid them all together. Here are some trends that you might benefit from avoiding:

1. The Professional Look:

metal kitchen restaurant

This is a kitchen that is full of the latest and greatest appliances for a professional chef. This look demands every stainless steel appliance on the market. Adding some stainless steel looks nice, but overloading your kitchen with expensive appliances – especially if you do not cook – can be a bit much.

2. Double Everything:


Two dishwashers, two ice makers, two refrigerators, etc. Certainly, many homeowners do need these additional items because of large families, or frequency of entertaining. People that decide to have every appliance available tend to have less room for things that they really need – such as cabinets. Only get things that you will actually use; don’t let the magazines convince you that a luxury kitchen is only complete if it has every conceivable gadget.

3. Specific Cabinet Finishes:


White is a classic style which will always be in fashion. However, other wood and painted finishes always fluctuate and if you design your kitchen in the midst of a design trend, you risk timestamping your kitchen ten years in the future.

4. Mega Kitchens:


Mega kitchens are starting to phase out as people are starting to see that the added expense is not warranted and sometimes cannot be afforded. Expect to see smaller, “quality-over-quantity” kitchens going forward.

Kitchens are the center of the home. Increasingly, people want their kitchens to be just as stylish and sophisticated as the rest of the house. Kitchens will continue to improve with gorgeous integrated cabinetry and beautiful paneling.


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Posted: August 1, 2016

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