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Essential Elements of a Luxury Kitchen

When aiming for a luxury kitchen, every detail counts. We know you’re short on time, so we’ve done the research and all you have to do is choose the style which best represents you.

Cabinet Materials

cabinet texture

If you are going for a luxury kitchen, the first detail you should address are the cabinets. Although the market is flooded with wood lookalikes, they look cheap and are not very durable. Even well-designed veneers can look fake. Only wood can deliver on function and design quality; remember, its premium for a reason!

If you are going for a more avant-garde look, consider investing in high-quality, solid-wood shelving, and make it a part of your kitchen. With the right mixtures of plate and glassware, this can give a very luxurious effect.

Other trends in kitchen design are to incorporate “Eco-friendly” elements. Look for upscale materials made from recycled goods. See if you can “upcycle” and repurpose items for your existing kitchen. It’s these small touches that give your remodel a certain je nais se quois.


kitchen faucet

Don’t always assume that the most luxurious kitchen fixtures are the best. True elegance is a mix of understatement and refinement. Look for stainless steel or brushed metal finishes. Look for hi-tech options, such as faucet that turns on when you touch it, or an authentic six burner stove with a cast iron range built-in.


modern appliances
Image: Lavielc.com

When designing a luxury kitchen, the appliances are where the fun gets going. Picking out a stainless steel hoof with ample lighting for your range is a great place to start. Six burners and an indoor cast iron grill built into the range itself can be a great touch, too. For ovens, consider a dual convection oven. Consider other touches, such as an under the counter wine fridge, warming drawers for plates and bread, or even a garbage compactor.


walnut wood

Wondering which floor is best for your kitchen? There are so many options available on the market today, it can be difficult to choose the right material. Some of the best include; slate, tile, marble ceramic tiles, and water-sealed hardwoods. Choose the material that works best for you. If you are a barefoot kitchen wanderer, consider adding a floor heating system to the design.


light fixture

Recessed lighting and millwork can be an ultra-luxury touch for your kitchen. Adding customized lighting, such as a bespoke chandelier, can dress up the environment. Large fixtures made with non-traditional materials are making a comeback.


marble wall

High-end countertops come in a variety materials. Marble and Granite are the most popular. Granite, however, is the most versatile of the two – as it is the most difficult to scratch and stain, and is the longest lasting.


Posted: February 15, 2016

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