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Adding comfort to your kitchen

With open-plan living putting the spotlight on kitchens like never before, it pays to make your culinary quarters both easy to use and a comfortable place in which to spend time

Quiet, easy-glide drawers.

Drawers tend to be more user-friendly than cabinets, requiring less bending and reaching. This is especially true if they have soft-close slides that take jarring sounds out of the equation. Further decreasing static noise is possible by softening the acoustics with rugs, curtains and other soft furnishings in the space that adjoins the kitchen.

Body-friendly island seating.

Perching on a wooden stool can get pretty uncomfortable pretty quickly, especially for adults. Upholstered chairs are the ultimate comfort, in addition to adding a touch of elegance to the kitchen.

Temperature control.

How hot does it get where you live? And what are the mornings like in winter? Start the day right with a kitchen heated or cooled to a comfortable temperature.

Casual dining.

A breakfast nook adds comfort to any kitchen, encouraging people to linger a little longer before getting on with their day. Add plenty of cushions, pillows and a throw or two, and people will want to return for lunch and dinner.

No-reach corners.

Galley kitchens remove the need for corner cabinets. But if an L- or U-shaped kitchens better suits your space, make the contents in corner cupboards easy to reach with one of the smart corner solutions on the market.

The Right Counter Height.

If you’re renovating the kitchen, you have an opportunity to put comfort first by thinking about the height of your countertops. Before you demolish the old kitchen – experiment by stacking a breadboard or two on the counter and seeing how it feels to prep food with a little extra height.

Island wine storage.

Do you prefer solo cooking? Do you order everyone else out of the kitchen so that you can concentrate on making a meal? If so, consider making your kitchen island a one-stop shop and include a bar fridge, wine rack or both that can be accessed by your partner and guests without them having to enter the kitchen.

Several sources of light.

Natural light is a godsend in any kitchen, but it pays to be smart about it. Giant windows that let in the western afternoon sun can make for a sweltering rather than sunlit room, and when you’re prepping meals or standing at a hot stove, this is the last thing that you’ll want.

Go in the direction of skylights and windows that can be shaded as needed. That way you get light without too much heat.

Posted: July 7, 2016

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