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Luxury Kitchen Design

The kitchen is the “heart” of the home. Designing this space is the heart of any successful home renovation, as most people always value the kitchen the most. Contemporary kitchen design focuses on creating a relaxing atmosphere while using quality materials, efficient design and state-of-the-art technology.

“Modern design trends have turned kitchens from functional spaces to places for all family members to use and enjoy,” says Dov Grushka, Master Craftsman at DnG Millwork & Cabinetry. “Determining your color palette will help define which materials and designs you want to use. Neutral colors, textures, and organic materials are very popular design motifs,” Dov remarked.

Function Over Form

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Luxury kitchen design has moved away from the extravagant ornamentation of years past. Buyers are looking for simple designs, and in some cases, are embracing man-made materials over the more traditional marble or granite. Old-school kitchen design focused on the “cooking triangle.” New designs break up the kitchen into cooking stations, increasing mobility and convenience when multiple people are cooking.

According to Jamie Gold, Certified Kitchen Designer and the author of New Kitchen Ideas That Work. “Years ago, you would expect to only find marble or granite topping luxury cabinets or underfoot,” she says. “Today it’s not uncommon to find engineered stone tops and rectified porcelain on the floor. This is particularly true for kitchens that extend into outdoor living spaces, where tile provides for easier living.”

Storage Solutions

Source: HomeTalk
Image: HomeTalk

Storage space remains a top concern, but there is an increasing trend to open shelving. “The days of walk-in pantries are all but gone unless they can be created in a very sophisticated/clean way,” says Tampa, Florida architect David Balber. “I have done kitchens that when you look at them all you see are cabinets, but then you pull on one cabinet and it is actually a door that leads to a secret walk-in pantry — something like Batman would have!” he explains.  Balber’s latest designs have included the cabinet pantry, where the kitchen “looks like a bunch of cabinets, and then you pull on some of the cabinets and the entire wall pulls out exposing shelving for cereals, bread, cans, etc. – very sleek and easy to see all the food.”

New Technology

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“Technology is always at the forefront of luxury kitchen design,” adds Darlene Molnar, a Washington, D.C.-based interior designer. “From super-quiet dishwashers to ovens you can operate with your phone, convenience is key.” Molnar is also reporting an increase in requests for hot water dispensers, much like the pot-fillers that have been a staple in luxury kitchens for years. “Homeowners what anything that puts what you need at your fingertips more quickly!”

Posted: December 14, 2015

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