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Bathroom Storage Ideas to Save Your Space (and Sanity!)

Making the most of a small bathroom without adding clutter is no easy task. Unless you live in a mansion, chances are your bathroom is not very big, despite the amount of use it gets. However, despite its size, bathrooms can be utilized creatively and can yield a tremendous amount of space. The following guide shows you how re-imagine your bathroom layout to maximize storage capacity.

1. Keep Towels Handy

If you have a pedestal sink, consider placing a towel rack directly beneath the sink for easy access. Other tips would be to include an under-the-sink organizer for additional towel or toiletries, freeing up space on top of your sink.

2. Maximize Your Vanity

Find create ways to use cabinet space more efficiently. Consider adding spice racks or a caddy to the back of the vanity door, increasing storage in otherwise unused space. Lazy susans and rollout shelves are not just for kitchens. They help increase your existing cabinet space as well as providing access to the hidden areas of your cabinets.

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3. A Medicine Cabinet

Getting a mirror is great, but make sure it doubles as a cabinet. This is a great place to store supplements, medicine or cosmetics. Additionally, by recessing the mirror to the wall, it can provide a sense of added space. The average cost to install a mirrored cabinet is $270.

4. Install a Wall Niche

A wall niche is essential if your sink and pre-existing storage space are not big enough to accommodate all of your things. A niche allows your items to remain easily accessible, no ducking under cabinets and fishing around for that old toothpaste. Plus, it can highlight your design pattern and add a contrasting element to the wall.

6. Maximize Wall Space

From hanging baskets to installing magnetic strips, utilizing the wall is a great way to store items that are used more often. Even the space above the door can be utilized for additional storage. A shelf above the doorframe is a great place to store bathroom cleaners and other household products, several above the reach of curious kiddos.

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These tips are a great way to stay on top of your bathroom organization. When you are ready to install new cabinets, call DnG Millwork to create your dream.

Posted: March 10, 2016

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