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How to Select the Best Bathroom Cabinet

Bathroom cabinets are the strongest element in a bathroom renovation, often commanding the most attention when doing a redesign. The options in cabinet selection are as numerous as they are overwhelming, the most important choice is to pick which design elements appeal to your aesthetic.

“Cabinets affect the look and feel of the entire room,” says Meriam Reed co-owner of a DreamMaker Bath & Kitchen franchise in Naples, FLA. “They pretty much set the tone for your bathroom makeover.”

When selecting a cabinet theme, it is important to have an understanding of your space – how do you want the bathroom to continue the theme of the home? So, take a minute to think about how you use the room and use that information to help you decide on the best configuration, style, etc. for your new cabinetry.

Another good place to get fresh ideas is magazines or Pinterest. Merriam suggests finding out what you like, and then narrow your selection down to what you want to accomplish in the space. Custom cabinetry is actually the best way to get the design element you’re going for. With endless customization options, the only limitation is your own imagination.

custom bathroom cabinets

Custom Cabinet Styles:

There are so many possible cabinet styles when remodeling your bathroom, and these three tend to be the most popular:

  1. Stand-alone vanity (containing a sink and usually a countertop)
  2. General bathroom cabinetry, such as: over-the-toilet units, linen storage, and built-in hampers.
  3. Cabinet suites (aka sets of cabinets), which are designed to match your fixtures and other design features.

However, it is important to not get lost in design and forget the initial reason of cabinets – to store stuff. Fortunately, modern cabinet design is full of all sorts of functional features; like built-in drawer dividers, cosmetic trays, appliance garages (that hide but keep necessary items nearby, like toothbrushes and hairdryers), linen towers and even closet-like spaces for hanging clothes and laying out ties.

Bathroom Cabinet Trends:

Speaking of style, one of the most prominent trends in cabinetry is to go for the furniture look. This translates into more and smaller pieces with features like bun feet and raised panels and a preference for materials like dark cherry and walnut.

Another new trend which is gaining popularity is to match cabinetry in the bathroom with the rest of the house. Having a consistent style theme is becoming more important to homeowners – the cabinets in the bathroom have to match the kitchen cabinets, as well as the built-ins in the living room, the wet bar and so on. Speaking of that wet-bar, you may need a drink from it when you start your bathroom remodel, but the more you plan in advance, the smoother the whole process will be.





Posted: February 22, 2016

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