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Custom Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchens do not have to be cookie cutter. Designing your dream kitchen is great because with customization, it can be all about you. Make the most of your space by adding custom options that match your lifestyle and serve a variety of uses.

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Pet-Friendly Kitchen

Your kitchen can be a great place for your cat, dog, or other furry companion to spend time in this room without being hurt or inconvenienced. Consider these pet-friendly ideas as you work:

 Installing Hardwood Floors. Hardwood floors are easier for your pet, as they are more comfortable to walk on, and unlike carpet, do not pose a risk for your dog’s nails. Also, hard surfaces, such as wood and tile, are easier to clean.

Storage.  Cleverly designed food drawers can be custom made to fit your pet’s dimensions. Store your pet’s food and water dishes, and slide it out for meal time.




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Kid-friendly Kitchen

Have an aspiring chef? Do your kids love to help out in the kitchen? Making it easier for them to chop vegetables is a great way to start. Consider the following tips to accommodate all of your family:

Installing Pull-Out Baseboards. Sometimes the biggest obstacle to helping out is not being tall enough to reach the counter. Pull-out baseboards give kids the “leg up” they need, with the ability to seamlessly disappear when not in use.

Add a Blackboard. A blackboard in the kitchen makes it easy to write down lists, reminders, and even an inspirational quote. Blackboards can easily integrate into existing cabinets, or even cover the fridge, giving children and teens more options for creative participation.





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Kosher Kitchen

Observe Kosher? Despite popular belief, creating a Kosher kitchen extends beyond dual appliances. Learn how to accommodate your dietary needs without needing to triple your kitchen space:

 Utilize All Spaces. Replace standard shelves and drawers with modular wire shelves and baskets that can be configured in a variety of ways to maximize the available interior cabinet space. Make use of under-sink space by creating a squared-off, U-shaped pullout drawer that surrounds the plumbing on three sides.

Turn on Sabbath Mode. With refrigerators, for example, Sabbath mode allows the automatic fan to be turned off from Friday at sundown to Saturday night, releasing residents from concern over inadvertent power initiation when such activity is enjoined.


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Entertainer’s Kitchen

Everyday is a good day for a get together? Whether you’re entertaining 4 or 40, you can design your kitchen to be ready for hors d’oeuvres and wine tastings with these ideas:

Custom Drink Station. Having a custom beverage station keeps glasses, wine and cocktail fixings with easy reach. Open shelves and mirrored backs add zeal. Install a fridge under the counter to keep your bottles cool at preferred temperatures.

Pantry. Pick your desired wood grain and have at it. Pantry’s are storage gold and can be configured with your entertaining needs in mind.


The options are endless!

Configuring your dream kitchen is an exciting process. Once you decide what your needs are and what the primary uses will be, it comes time for design. DnG Millwork and Cabinetry is Miami’s premier custom cabinet and millwork specialist. See examples of kitchen and cabinet designs here.


Posted: December 21, 2015

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