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A Budget Guide to Kitchen Remodeling

If you are thinking about a kitchen remodel or pondering new kitchen design ideas, then you’re likely preparing yourself for the cost. Even a minor kitchen renovation can average around $18,000. However, there are a few ways to considerably lower your costs.

Kitchen remodeling costs will either be associated with labor or material costs. In this article, we will break down common kitchen remodeling costs.

How to decrease labor costs

Labor charges are what you incur when you hire out any of the remodeling work. Most people choose to hire a general contractor to manage their kitchen renovation. General contractors will then apply for permits, hire and manage the sub-contractors and ensure the project gets completed to your satisfaction.

The will also perform any odd jobs, such as: site cleanup, painting, installing cabinets, hooking up appliances and molding work.

How to decrease material costs

Around 75% of your kitchen remodeling costs will be associated with material, so any savings you try and recoup in this area will go a long way to keeping your renovation budget in check. Kitchen Cabinets tend to be the most expensive – however, quality cabinets can last decades. After cabinets, countertops and appliances come in second and third in terms of price.

Quality cabinets are expensive because they include many built-ins that you may not have considered: trim at the top and bottom, base support, hardware, and wood type. Although there are ready-to-assemble options are also most often a blend of particle board and solid wood options.


From Butchers Block to Carrera Marble, material choices for your countertop are as varied as your imagination. There are also new product lines that mimic granite or marble.


Try shopping during major sales events like on Black Friday. Check out scratch and dent stores that carry appliances for significant savings.



Posted: March 14, 2016

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