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Best Kitchen Cabinet Colors of 2016

Trends come and go, but painted cabinets are back! Until recently, kitchen design was all about stripping color and creating a modern, albeit uniform, color and design scheme. Colorful kitchen cabinets are quickly topping the list of the hottest design trends of 2016, funny how fashion turned back the clock and made the vintage cool again!

There are nearly an endless selection of colors available. Of the trending colors, Purple has been back for some time now – creating an especially stunning look in any setting and creating an unmistakable visual richness. If you select purple for your kitchen, make sure you choose complimentary surroundings. However, if you prefer eclectic, you are all set.

Gray is another tone in for this season. It is largely considered the hottest neutral color in fashion today. Gray is hardly dull, but rather, it is an encompassing hue that can add style and sophistication while blending in with the surroundings. Try textured finishes and patterns to further distinguish your kitchen cabinets.

Blue is the next trendiest choice, adding an uplifting quality to the room, especially if you’re seeking a coastal or nautical look. Blue is a great compliment to a country-cottage style kitchen.

Orange, it’s the new black. Orange cabinets infuse playfulness and brightness in a way other colors can’t match. Orange livens a room, but can still be tamed if paired with more neutral colors: gray, white or light shades of blue.

White is still a great choice for cabinet colors as it can provide a simple background that contrasts well with other design elements in the kitchen. White is a safe choice when unsure of which color to use.

Bold and minimal black is often selected for its contemporary quality, fitting well with clean and well-defined lines and glossy, lacquered surfaces. Black is also a great contrast with more bright, stimulating colors, such as red.

Green. From allusions to being eco-friendly to Kermit the frog, green can be used in both vintage kitchens and more contemporary settings. It pairs especially well with architectural moldings, creating an elegant, refined finish.

Continuing with the nature theme, yellow is an excellent choice for kitchen cabinetry when attempting a bright, and inviting kitchen. Considering pairing yellow with green to make an especially buoyant look. Pastel shades of yellow can be combines with slate and wood, creating a luxury rendition of a country farmhouse kitchen.

And, finally, red. Red is a rich hue that is equally engaging when contrasted with stainless steel appliances, as when it is fitted with natural woods. Red is also a great selection when pairing with black and white color accents. Other colors can balance the “loudness” of red, keeping the area inviting.



Posted: January 11, 2016

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