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9 Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas

Kitchens are considered one the most important parts of a home and are often deemed as a selling point for any home. With so many items to store, it can also be the most difficult to organize. These popular kitchen storage solutions can help you keep your kitchen organized all year round:

1. Custom Pantry:

Custom pantry

Having a well-organized pantry where all stored items can be seen at a glance is important for homeowners. This makes things much easier when it comes time for grocery shopping. Having a custom pantry with different compartments for food, appliances, Tupper Ware, etc. can help save time and make organization 100 times better.

2. Corner Drawers:

Shaker Grey

Cabinet corners can be awkward and difficult to design since corner drawers can bump into each other. These corner drawers give the illusion of two separate rows of drawers without sacrificing storage space.

3. Utensil Drawers:

Oak Hills

Instead of throwing all large utensils in a drawer, this solution has separate compartments for different utensils, making them much easier to find while cooking.

4. Drawer Under Sink:

San Francisco Inner Sunset Victorian

The cabinet space under the kitchen sink can quickly become messy. It is typically a preferred spot to store cleaning supplies, sponges, extra plastic bags, etc. Adding a pull-out drawer can help keep this area clean and organized.

5. Built-in Pet Bowls:

Rancho Santa Fe, California

Incorporating pet bowls into your kitchen design for your furry family members is always a great idea. These built-in pet bowls create a designated space for your pets to enjoy their food.

6. Pull Out Trash Bins:

Formal white kitchen with blue island - Mullet Cabinet

Trash is never pretty. Luckily, there is a way to disguise it by hiding it in your cabinets until trash day. This pull out trash compartment helps you separate different trash bins which can be great for recycling.

7. Pull Out Cabinet Shelves:

Kitchen Cabinets upgrade to Glide-Outs

Nobody likes to dig in their cabinets for pots, pans, or anything else for that matter. Adding pull out shelves, makes doing this unnecessary. Access everything in your cabinets easily.

8. Rolling Cabinet or Cart:

Haight Ashbury

You can never have enough cabinet space! This rolling cabinet section is mobile and gives you extra counter space.

9. Kitchen Mail Station:

Classic White Landmark Home

Are your countertops cluttered by inevitable piles of mail? This built in mail station will give you a designated space to store any mail, books, or recipes you keep in your kitchen.

Are you looking for more kitchen design ideas? Visit our blog for the latest kitchen design and storage tips.


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Posted: August 8, 2016

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