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10 Luxury Details for Your Kitchen Cabinets and Island

1. Crown Molding.

Few things leave designer impressions like the presence of crown molding. It can bridge the gap between your wall cabinets and the ceiling, allowing for a seamless transition. In traditional kitchens, it can cap off the design with one final touch of detail.

2. Matching ends.

Instead of a smooth finish, try going with matching panels to spruce up your look. Similar to decorative legs, they have a furniture-style look.

3. Decorative legs.

From chunky to Mission style, table legs are always a showstopper. Place them at the ends of your island or work them into your cabinet layout for a true furniture addition. Modern designs call for a sleeker and finished leg, whereas traditional aesthetics go for rustic designs.

4. A splash of color.

Although neutrals are still all the rage, mixing up your kitchen with color can be a daring decision that can reap rich results.

5. Glass door fronts.

Whether transparent or frosted, a glass door can provide a glimpse of beautiful dishware while creating a comfortable and open environment for guests and hosts alike.

6. Corbels.

Ornate, oversized and plain corbels add an air of elegant old-world charm to your kitchen and island cabinets.

7. Mixed door styles.

If you cannot decide between two cabinet door styles, sometimes opposites are the way to go. Complementary styles can strengthen your kitchen’s overall look, while opposites can produce an attractive transitional design.

8. Unique storage spaces.

Don’t always settle for boring storage solutions. A custom wine rack drawer is one way to give your cabinets a designer touch.

9. Wainscoat panels.

Wainscoat panels can dress up the side of your panels and make it look like an authentic furniture piece with the help of decorative legs and matching ends.

10. Beadboard. 

A perfect look for rustic, farmhouse, or beach-style kitchen designs. It can also add details without compromising your design aesthetic.


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